Revolutionizing Sales and Service: Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Revolutionizing Sales and Service Efficiency: Salesforce Field Service Lightning


In the competitive landscape of windows and door manufacturing, efficiency and precision in sales and service operations are paramount. For a leading manufacturer based in the USA, the challenge was to optimize their in-home appointment scheduling process for retail sales representatives while ensuring seamless coordination between sales, service, engineering, and partners. This case study delves into how the company partnered with iTechCloud to implement Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) alongside Sales and Service Clouds, revolutionizing their sales processes and improving customer service turnaround times.


With a focus on manufacturing solutions that protect people and critical assets from dangers such as fire, explosion, and over-pressurization, the company is a global leader in industrial safety. Headquartered in Kansas City, their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives their mission to provide high-quality products and services worldwide.


Despite their success, the company faced a critical challenge in their sales and service operations. Their retail sales representatives conducted high-volume in-home appointments, which required quick scheduling based on skills, availability, and other factors. However, their previous system was plagued with complexity, poor response times, scheduling hassles, and assignment challenges, leading to missed selling opportunities and frustrated customers.

The company sought a comprehensive solution that would provide a single source of truth for their sales processes, sales reps management, appointment scheduling, calendar management, intelligent assignment of sales resources, and a solid dispatching tool. Additionally, they aimed to improve their turnaround time on homeowner appointments to enhance customer satisfaction.


The company partnered with Salesforce experts to implement a suite of solutions, including Salesforce Field Service Lightning, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud.

1. Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL):

2. Sales and Service Clouds:

Implementation Process:

The implementation process involved close collaboration between the company’s internal teams and Salesforce experts:


The implementation of Salesforce solutions brought about transformative results for the company:


The partnership between the leading windows and door manufacturing company and iTechCloud Solution experts proved instrumental in revolutionizing their sales and service operations. By leveraging Field Service Lightning alongside Sales and Service Clouds, the company achieved streamlined appointment scheduling, improved sales and service efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. With Salesforce solutions in place, the company continues to uphold its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services while driving innovation and customer-centricity in the industry.

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